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Race Directors / Institutional

Art & Industrial Markers Can Be Toxic

The chemical solvents in these markers can leave you feeling sick


Sportsafe Markers Are Safe For Human Skin

Sportsafe markers are designed for skin use using FDA compliant cosmetic ingredients


Sportsafe Markers Are Waterproof

Sportsafe marker inks are made to be waterproof yet easy to remove


What Will Competitive Swimming Look Like In 100 Years?

What does the future hold for swimming?

That’s a great question, and one that is nearly impossible to answer correctly. However, if you look at where swimming was, where we are now, and take into account a few trends, you can at least make an educated guess.

While there will certainly be unpredictable changes, here ...

When Non-Toxic Is Still Not Safe

Over the last decade or so, there’s been a strong mainstream consumer push for companies to create products that are not only less toxic to our environment, but for ourselves as well. And while it’s pretty easy to find products ...

Needed: P/T Manager of Social Media and Athlete Sponsorship: Competitive Swimming

Goal of the position is to increase website traffic and conversion sales of our products. 
We need someone who can create, implement and run an integrated social media campaign across social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram) to increase brand awareness and drive sales traffic to our webstore and our various customers in the US. Excitement for and experience in competitive swimming is a definite plus.

The position would involve creating content, developing programs for user ...

Learn About The SportSafe OCR Team

Laura Messner
Laura Messner is a 24 year old, elite Obstacle Course Racer. Traveling across the country since 2012 to compete, particularly in Spartan Races, has opened many new doors for Laura. She readily credits this experience, especially the support and camaraderie of fellow racers, with the significant personal growth she has achieved from OCR. Laura is always forward-moving, and in search of new, inspirational challenges. Not only is she an incredibly dedicated athlete, but she also finds joy ...

Introducing SportSafe Athlete Stephen Crawford, The Bowtied Spartan

My name is Stephen Crawford, also known as the Bowtied Spartan or just Bowtie to anyone who knows me in the obstacle course racing world. Born and raised in the Hudson Valley area of New York.

Sports and being active has always been a part of my life, although it wasn’t until only a few years ago I started living a healthier lifestyle. I was always a very large and in charge kid. I was a football ...