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Introducing SportSafe Athlete Stephen Crawford, The Bowtied Spartan

My name is Stephen Crawford, also known as the Bowtied Spartan or just Bowtie to anyone who knows me in the obstacle course racing world. Born and raised in the Hudson Valley area of New York.

Sports and being active has always been a part of my life, although it wasn’t until only a few years ago I started living a healthier lifestyle. I was always a very large and in charge kid. I was a football player, weightlifter, and rower all throughout middle, high school, and college; and back then I weighed 315-325 pounds. Being that size as a kid caused me to be the subject of a lot of bullying and hard-times and caused me to pick up a very bad habit of emotionally eating and eating all the wrong things at that.

It wasn’t until two to three years ago I took a very long and hard look at myself in the mirror and decided to make a change. My very first OCR was Spartan Race at Tuxedo, NY 2012. The second I crossed that finish line I was addicted and knew what I wanted to do with my life.

To this date I have completed over 20 obstacle course races. Finished both the beast and UltraBeast SpartanRace in nothing but a speedo.  Placed 51st last year for men in SpartanRace, have podium at several other outside OCR events. Have completed two UltraMarathons to date and currently have a time in the top 10 record for the Winter Beast of Burden 50 Miler.

This year I plan on running the Peak Race 200 mile Ultra as well as several other Ultra marathons ranging from 50-300 miles. I also aim to place Top 30 for Spartan Race Elite Men. One top goal/athlete dream is one day fly to Greece and compete in the Spartathalon as well as a marathon or ultra in every country



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